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Pure Fiji History and Product Development

Inner Beauty - The passion behind Pure Fiji’s natural products

There is no substitute for thousands of years of trial and error, no greater laboratory than verdant Tropical Rainforests and white sandy beaches under a Pacific Sun - and no more significant result than a culture revered over the ages for its people’s natural beauty. Preserve this culture; protect the land and the traditional way of life that has thrived in its forests and oceans across the millennia. Make traditional skills economically viable in a modern world by finding new uses for them and raising them to an International standard, so that the new generation learns the artistry of their nation - not from a sterile textbook or a museum display – but from their parents and grandparents in a timeless passing on of knowledge.


This is truly a sustainable industry. This is a way of life and a business practice pioneered by one of the most unique natural body care products in the world – Pure Fiji. Pure Fiji is a natural bath and body products manufacturer, which caters to the exclusive Spa and Salon industry. Founded in 1995 by Gaetane Austin and her daughter Andree, Pure Fiji began research, development, and production of their uniquely Fijian products around the family kitchen table.


Organics and natural products are popular now, but Pure Fiji has always appreciated the numerous benefits of coconut oil and the myriad of botanical and herbal curatives and remedies that have been utilised by the Fijian people for hundreds of years. Having pioneered the use of local nuts and botanical extracts in true South Pacific therapies, their Spa located within the grounds of the factory premises serves as an invaluable research and development tool for both the products and the uniquely Pacific Spa Therapies which complement them.


This pioneering instinct and powerful faith in their vision has served Pure Fiji well over the years since it’s inception. With products based on the traditions of the Pacific Islands, raw materials and handicrafts are today supplied by more than 600 craftsmen and women in rural communities and assembled with passion and care into the finished product at a custom-built state of the art factory. Located in Suva, the capital of the Fiji Islands, many of Pure Fiji’s products are still hand crafted and packaged by Pure Fiji’s 45 staff on site - many of whom sat at the kitchen table working alongside Gaetane and Andree in those early days.


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